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As a certified parenting evaluator and Guardian ad Litem in private practice since 1996, Laurie performs court-ordered evaluations for families in King and Snohomish Counties who are involved in a dissolution, modification, relocation or parentage case. Each evaluation has two primary directives - to investigate/analyze the major issues in the family and to provide recommendations to the court regarding a Permanent Parenting Plan.

The investigation includes interviews with parents, collateral individuals/professionals, and the children if it is appropriate; observation of the children with the parents; review of relevant collateral paperwork; and sometimes psychological testing. The analysis of this information takes into consideration each child's developmental status/issues (e.g., relative maturity, childhood developmental disorders, and loyalty conflicts) and the parents' individual/couple issues (e.g., parenting skills, relationship with each child, domestic violence, substance abuse, and mental health issues).

After a careful investigation and analysis of the available information, recommendations are individually crafted for each family within the framework of the Washington State Parenting Act Provisions in 26.09.187 and other relevant statutes. The ultimate goal is to provide recommendations for a residential schedule, treatment/therapy for remediation of critical problems in the family, as well as other miscellaneous options in a parenting plan that is in the best interests of the children. The hope is to provide each child with a safe and nurturing environment such that he/she is able to develop into a productive, healthy adult.